Gingergrass by Golden State Cider

I cheated a bit because I popped open a Gingergrass to share with my friend Katy before reviewing it…so this is the second time I’m drinking it. But this time, I’m taking a bit more care in analyzing Gingergrass. Cider: Gingergrass Maker: Golden State Cider Location: San Francisco, California, USA Container: Can (poured into glass) […]

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Mighty Dry by Golden State Cider

Welcome to my first review! My amazing friend, Erin, came through Atlanta and brought me 3 varieties of Golden State Cider from San Francisco. Thank goodness for Snapchat and me messaging back “OMG MAIL ME SOME!” She one-up’d and brought me three 4-packs!   Bare with me, as this is the first post. Let me […]

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