Maeloc Organic Hard Apple Cider

Hello! Sorry I haven’t added a review in some time. I have TONS in the fridge and in storage so there isn’t an excuse to post more. My new roommate also likes cider so I have someone to share with. Maeloc Ciders are made in Cosecha de Galicia, Spain (North West part of the country) […]

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Ananas by Slim Pickens

Has anyone else noticed the surge of pineapple ciders the past year or so? It’s a topic that comes up at the cidery at least once a quarter. It seems that Ace is the pioneer of pineapple these days, but there a few others that have more than a straight up “in your face” pineapple […]

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Cider Artisinal by AVAL

Ahhhh another snow day here in Atlanta. I slipped and fell while taking the first picture in this blog and that hurt enough for me to sit my butt home and work on a few tastings. No driving = drinking Honestly, I am sick of this “will it snow? will it not?” dance in Atlanta […]

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Poma Áurea by Sidra Trabanco

Continuing the Spanish cider train with Poma Áurea by Sidra Trabanco out of Lavandera, Gijón, Asturias, Spain. Asturias is the leader in cider (or sidra) production in Spain. It’s very similar to how Burgandy, France is held in the world of wine. Spanish cider is usually poured by an expert server known as an escanciador. The bottle is held […]

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Cold Day in Hops by Mercier

Hello everyone! I’m back! I’ve missed you (and drinking cider). It’s been a crazy two months. Urban Tree has won a boatload of awards, we just released our first bottled one-off cider (a double barrel aged), and we’ve been poppin’ up at festival after festival. Personally, I’ve been working on getting settled in my house, […]

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