My name is Sam Maloney (or Sam0ny). I am a twenty-something living in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I work at Urban Tree Cidery, Atlanta’s First and Only Cidery. My job includes sales, distribution, bottling, inventory, deep cleaning, and bartending… your basic starter kit for a new brewery. The first time I tried cider when I was 16 in England while traveling abroad with my friend. We were at a classic pub along a canal and the family we were staying with purchased us two pints. Later, I grew into the craft beer scene but still had a fondness for the fermented apple beverage. Urban Tree had a posting for a bartender and I was looking to leave my desk job. I was hired on the spot and have been able to grow at the start-up and finding my passion: craft cider. Since working at Urban Tree (March 2016), I’ve visited Seattle, Denver, New York, and Asheville to try the local faire.

I currently hold American and Irish Citizenship. During May 2010, I worked at the Cannes Film Festival in the American Pavilion. In March 2016, I partook in a #NASASocial event documenting the Orbital ATK mission to the International Space Station at Cape Canaveral. I love travel and have visited Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Monaco, Italy, China, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Vatican City. This past year, I built a house with my dad.