Maeloc Organic Hard Apple Cider

Hello! Sorry I haven’t added a review in some time. I have TONS in the fridge and in storage so there isn’t an excuse to post more. My new roommate also likes cider so I have someone to share with.

Maeloc Ciders are made in Cosecha de Galicia, Spain (North West part of the country) and their Hard Apple Cider is certified Organic in the EU. I’ve never heard of them before and I am very sad I haven’t. Their website is amazing and they also have a cider vinegar.

Cider: Hard Cider Apple (Organic)
Maker: Maeloc
Location: Galicia, Spain
Container: 11.2oz bottle
Tasted: At home
ABV: 4.1%
Availability: Mildly available. Distributed by Balearic Beverage in Virginia.
Purchased: Gift from SouthernBeerBabe

First, the color is gorgeous. It’s a nice, amber color with minimal carbonation. The smell is very “Spanish” meaning its got a hint of vinegar but not over powering like other Spanish ciders.

It’s a nice, thick cider with a subtle sweetness. Glides over the tongue and has a nice, juicy mouth feel. It’s very similar to the Cidre Artisinal from Aval in color and thickness.

Rating: 4.5/5

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