Ananas by Slim Pickens

Has anyone else noticed the surge of pineapple ciders the past year or so? It’s a topic that comes up at the cidery at least once a quarter. It seems that Ace is the pioneer of pineapple these days, but there a few others that have more than a straight up “in your face” pineapple taste. I saw Ananas pop up on Instagram  over last summer and fell in love with the can. Once my parents relocated to the Tampa Bay area, I made it my mom’s mission to find me some. Over Thanksgiving I grabbed a four pack at a liquor store but couldn’t bring it home with me (ya girl doesn’t check bags…also my flight was at 6am) so I had to wait until Christmas to get the goodness. Well worth the wait.

Slim Pickens is (from what I found) based out of Tampa. The company was started by Todd Strauss who has worked with Cigar City Cider & Mead. Each cider is inspired by a person that has some impact on Todd’s life. He started making Slim Pickens while traveling to London and Sweden and created the brand when Strauss met Marcus Hjalmarsson of Helsingborg’s Brewski and they started making cider over there.

The website offers very little information, most information found is in this article.

Also, Todd Strauss is a super nice guy who loves his momma!

Cider: Ananas
Maker: Slim Pickens
Location: Tampa, Florida
Container: 12oz can (4-pack)
Tasted: At home on a snow day
ABV: 6%
Availability: Mostly around Tampa but can be found around Florida
Purchased: At ABC in Madeira Beach

I want to geek out about the can. It features a gorgeous illustration of Anne Lunell, co-owner of a Swedish coffee shop Strauss visited frequently during his stay. The color scheme is yellow and green just like the colors of a pineapple. The design is so different from many cans in the cooler that it’ll grab your attention just by how soft the color scheme is. Fun fact: Ananas is the word for pineapple in every language except English.


The pour is fragrant, neon and hazy. You understand you are about to drink pineapples, but it’s not overpowering. Just the right about of yeasty smell to mellow the pineapple. Almost the amount of scent you’d wear as a perfume! The hazy pour is very nice, with a little bubbly at the top.

The taste is subtly sweet. Yes, it’s got the fruit sugars but it isn’t sweet enough to the point you need to brush your teeth. It has a nice, fizzy mouth feel as you drink.  It may be me, but the more sips I took, the more pineapple came through.There are some subtle tropical accents that come through. But even though pineapple dominates, the apple base comes through at the end. The pineapple doesn’t taste artificial at all, it’s so refreshing and perfect for summer on the Gulf.

Overall, this cider is great. Crushable, easy to drink and would be a great can to give to anyone curious about ciders. I also enjoyed talking to Todd and him giving me the info to find more Slim Pickens around Tampa/St. Pete. Well, info for me to give my mom to find the Slim Pickens.

Rating: 4/5


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