Pomarina Brut Sidra by Cardin Family Estates

Had a little cabin fever during the snow storm so some friends and I walked to Bar Mercado at Krog Street Market and then Barcelona Wine Bar in Inman Park. Both restaurants had the Pomarina Sidra so we decided to give it a try.

My dear friends Hanna and Matt (Hire me to be your professional 3rd wheel)

Cider: Pomarina Brut Sidra
Maker: Cardin Family
Location: Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain
Container: On Tap ($7), 750ml ($40)
Tasted: Bar Mercado and Barcelona
ABV: 7%
Availability: Mildly Available (major US states, can be found at specialty stores)

Pomarina is a French Style cider grown with apples in Asturias. I would like to give a shout out to Colton (Bar Mercado) for giving us all the information about the Pomarina and telling us about his time on the Camino de Santiago (which is my 30th birthday plan). CHG should def keep that boy around. He also told us it’s owned by the Cardin family and they have been producing for 5 generations. This cider in particular uses 5 apples which are all grown on the estate.

Let’s start with the Pomarina on tap at Bar Mercado.
Bar Mercado is owned by the Castellucci Restaurant Group who also own Cooks & Solders mentioned in my last post here. They specialize in Spanish cuisines and offer a lot of Spanish wine’s and sidra.

There wasn’t much of a smell and had a light carbonation against the straw color. It had an light funky smell with some earthy notes. The taste was definitely earthy with a little sour bite at the end. It was a very bright cider and was kind of thick compared to other Spanish ciders I’ve had recently.

Next at Barcelona where we had it from the bottle.
Barcelona is owned by Barteca which is the largest Spanish restaurant group in the USA and own Bartaco. Everyone who works at Barcelona is amazing and I always have a wonderful time. Would also like to take the time to mention this was the first time we visited Barcelona after Chelsea Beller, a kind human with colorful hair who managed the Barcelona on the Westside, was shot and killed during a soulless robbery in November 2016. Barcelona has become a cashless restaurant since the incident.


The funk came through much more when poured from a bottle to a wine glass. Still the same straw color from the tap, but looked lighter in the dark restaurant. It pours sparkling but quickly settles. You can taste the earthy notes a lot more in this glass, possibly because it’s aerated by the pouring or just because it was in a wine glass. Tasted more bone dry and sour up front but didn’t get the feeling of dehydration after each sip.

Overall, it’s a nice Spanish cider. It’s cool to see it on tap, but theres a lot more going on from the bottle. The downside about these Spanish ciders is how much they cost to import and it is sooooo hard to justify the cost sometimes, especially if you have never had a Spanish cider.

Rating: 3.5/5

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