Cider Artisinal by AVAL

Ahhhh another snow day here in Atlanta. I slipped and fell while taking the first picture in this blog and that hurt enough for me to sit my butt home and work on a few tastings.

No driving = drinking


Honestly, I am sick of this “will it snow? will it not?” dance in Atlanta to the point it’s caused work to close down/the roads being too risky for me to drive to work. It’s not the snow I am worried about, it’s the other drivers around town. Didn’t get above freezing today so we may have another day at home. Fingers crossed for a melting miracle!

I have four ciders I am tasting this afternoon and have been eager to get my lips around them for some time.
– Cidre Artisanal by AVAL
– Caribé Pineapple by Florida Beer Co.
– Caribé Lime by Florida Beer Co.
– Ananas by Slim Pickens

My friend Alyson gave me a four pack of AVAL at a party back in October and the first thing I noticed was the bomb packaging. Simple, crisp, and you get the idea you are about to drink something special. Has a little bit of a French Country vibe. Everything down to the label is on point and feels old world but simplified for modern consumption. It also comes in a 750ml bottle.

Cider: Cidre Artisanal
Maker: Aval
Location: Ergué-Gabéric, France
Container: 11.2 Bottle (4 pack)
Tasted: At home on a snow day
ABV: 6%
Availability: Mildly Available (major US states, can be found at specialty stores)

According to AVAL’s website, “AVAL means apple Breton, the traditional language in Bretagne, an area that’s made cider for more than 1,000 years and is touted by insiders as the best region for the drink in the world.” They also use 4 different types of apples in the region to give the cider it’s unique taste.


The color is gorgeous! What a nice, caramel hue with a glimmer of orange. The smell come through very nice. It’s subtle, but you know you’re about to drink some fancy apples. Not super carbonated, but that could be from me holding on to it for a few months.

This cider is thick. Nice and syrupy but glides perfectly to the back of the mouth. Yeasty, but not overwhelming. Hint of sourness that could be mistaken as sweetness. Very earthy and definitely matches the tastes of how I expect Old World ciders to tastes. Even though it’s in a “12oz” bottle, it tastes quite special.

I really liked it. It was way different from Txopinondo Sagarnoa Cidre which was the first French cider I tried since working at a cidery. It was nice and syrupy compared to Txopinondo, which closely resembles Spanish ciders. Thanks Alyson for giving me this French magic! I have 3 more bottles <3.

Rating: 4/5

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