Poma Áurea by Sidra Trabanco

Continuing the Spanish cider train with Poma Áurea by Sidra Trabanco out of Lavandera, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Asturias is the leader in cider (or sidra) production in Spain. It’s very similar to how Burgandy, France is held in the world of wine. Spanish cider is usually poured by an expert server known as an escanciador. The bottle is held high over the head and the glasses at the waist while the cider is poured in a thin, chilled stream to carbonate. A person must consume the cider immediately. Sidra is usually very bitter and is always bottled in green bottles.

My coworkers brought some ciders back from Hop City for some research. They brought back these three:
– Txopinondo Sagarnoa Cidre
– Cidre Bouché Brut de Normanie
– Poma Áurea
I left before I got to try Cidre Bouché, but I got to try the other two. You can read my review of the Txopinondo Sagarnoa Cidre here.

Cider: Poma Áurea
Maker: Sidra Trabanco
Location: Lavandera, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.
Container: 750ml Bottle
Tasted: At work with coworkers
ABV: 6.5%
Availability: Wildly Available

To start off, the bottle is beautiful. I really dig these bell-shaped bottles with the small labels. After poured, it foams up fast but the bubbles go down fast… we may have been pouring it incorrectly. It smells very woody, little sweet and not very vinegary.


Now, I tasted this twice. Yesterday, I didn’t like it at all. It seemed too thin and too carbonated. But now, as I am writing this a day later tasting it a second time, I am enjoying it more. I’ve warmed up the bottle just a little and am getting a lot more flavor profile from each sip. It’s very funky or “farmhouse-y” with a bone dry finish. The taste doesn’t linger long and the more you sip it, the more you taste a slight metallic flavor.

It’s a nice, light cider and a very good introduction to the world of sidra. It’s dry, carbonated, and has all the earthy notes expected from an Old World cider. Poma is perfect when you want to convert your wine friends to the cider side.

Rating: 3.5/5

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