Hosting the Female Bottle Share

Hello my dear cider drinkers! I hope you had a relaxing week with your loved ones filled with food, Netflix, and cider.

I’ve been stockpiling cider bottles and cans to fill posts for the first 3 months so I won’t have any excuse not to post. This past month has been an insane hurricane. We have been bottling up a storm at Urban Tree, releasing 3 new flavors, and hosting loads of events. I’m still moving into my house but that seems to be taking much longer than expected.

One great thing that has happened these past few months is hosting a Female only Bottle Share. It’s been a great way to meet beer enthusiast around town without all the mansplaining that comes with sharing bottles of beer/cider. Our first one had no theme and no one brought an IPA! We had a second one before the holiday season was upon us filled with stouts and porters. IMG_6979

As a cider drinker, it’s nice to drink some heavy brews. But, it’s really nice to hang out with other ladies. We are having another one 1/7/2018 if you’re interested in coming to one of our bottle shares, shoot me an email at itscidersam (at) gmail . com (minus the spaces).IMG_7163 (1)

I am really excited for next year. Hoping to learn more about the industry (cider and beer), get my cicerone and CCP certification, and go to Haven Festival in Copenhagen and get to see where Mikkeller started.

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