Cold Day in Hops by Mercier

Hello everyone! I’m back! I’ve missed you (and drinking cider).

It’s been a crazy two months. Urban Tree has won a boatload of awards, we just released our first bottled one-off cider (a double barrel aged), and we’ve been poppin’ up at festival after festival. Personally, I’ve been working on getting settled in my house, painting a few things, throwing out so much stuff, and making my AirBnB perfect. If you come through Atlanta, hit me up. I’ll give you a sweet deal.

But, you’re not here to read about my personal life, you’re here to read some reviews on cider. I’ve been stocking up on some but am slowly running out of room in my pantry. This week I was handed a can of Mercier’s latest cider “Cold Day in Hops” which is also their first cider in a can.

Mercier Orchards is 4th generation owned in Blue Ridge, GA. They have 9 varieties right now, and they make their own wine. Mercier also makes apple sauce, apple butter, peanut brittle, cookies, friend apple pie, non-alcoholic cider, and many other products.

Cider: Cold Day in Hops
Maker: Mercier
Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA
Container: Can
Tasted: Cider Smash 2017
ABV: 6.5%
Availability: Georgia

Starters: It was a chilly day and I was at Cider Smash, a party this guy threw on a roof top and bought all the cider for the party from Mercier, Urban Tree, and Treehorn. I usually like pouring my ciders in a snifter glass, but I usually don’t carry one in my lil’ back pack.

It’s very crisp and not too in your face with hops. They kind of glide over the tongue and you get a little taste of them. There is a little tropical taste at the end which was a nice surprise.  It’s a good cider to quench your thirst (damn I wish I had my glass!) but I lost most of the hop taste to the can.

I would buy this again, just to get the full glass experience. It isn’t my favorite hopped cider, but it’s up there. The tropical flavors a sweet little surprise.

Rating: 4/5

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