Pear Hard Cider by Rekorderlig

Are y’all ready to get international? Cool dude at Hop City West Midtown hooked ya girl up with one can of each. My roommate did drink two of them and I was like GURL so I got them again. She did tell me it was the best cider she’s had but I need to do the analysis.

I decided to go international with Rekorderlig. I’ve never had them before, and they came highly suggested by the guy at Hop City. I picked up Passionfruit, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry Kiwi. I picked up the Pear the second time around.

Cider: Pear
Maker: Rekorderlig
Location: Vimmerby, Sweden
Container: Can (poured into glass)
Tasted: at Home
ABV: 4.5%
Availability: Worldwide


Rekorderlig describes this cider as “a Swedish style contemporary cider with the aromatics of ripe pears and a crisp, refreshing fruit flavor. It is best served cold over ice with a squeeze of lemon.”

I’m not classy enough to have a lemon. So normal pour should do.


First, I noticed the light color with a hint of green in the color. It pours quite carbonated but the head goes down quick. It hits you in the face with pear and finishes with a light, syrupy smell.

The taste is pear. Says it on the can. It isn’t a over bearing pear, it’s pleasant and compliments the apple cider base well. It drinks super easy, but is still quite sweet (not as sweet as other Swedish ciders I’ve tried).


This would be a good cider to bring to a party or to a friend who usually drinks sweet drinks. I would buy this one again, but my roommate said the others are better. We shall see!

Rating: 3.5/5

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