Mighty Hops By Golden State Cider

Hello dear cider lovers, apologies for the late review I’ve been up in North Carolina for the Eclipse! That was an amazing experience, no photo or words can capture the beauty of totality. We took up the fixin’s for a cheeseboard and paired it with some Urban Tree. The entire Eclipse experience wont be eclipsed by the 5.5 hour drive back home on those country, Georgia roads. (Also: I’m still trying to cover my Yeti cooler so if you have stickers LET ME KNOW!)

But, the night before, my longtime friend, Katy, and I made a cheeseboard to end all cheeseboards to pair with Golden State Cider’s “Mighty Hops”. Trader Joes has an amazing cheese section and jams to pair with but that bread from Whole Foods changed me.


Cider: Mighty Hops
Maker: Golden State Cider
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Container: Can (poured into glass)
Tasted: at Home
ABV: 6.9%
Availability: CA, OR, WA

Golden State describes the cider as “a dankly delicious dry-hopped cider” and “Pungent dank aromas of pacific northwest hops accent THE crisp west coast apples in this refreshing dry-hopped cider. notes of citrus, mint and clove, elevate the cider’s flavor.”


I’ve talked about it before how much I love the cans. After you pop open the can, you first get a small whiff of the light hops. It pours a light, hay colored hue and the carbonation quickly disperses. The hops come through a lot more once poured.

It’s a nice, off dry cider and the hops bounce to the back and melt into the tongue. This would be an amazing cider to introduce to a fellow beer drinker. The taste is very earthy, a hint of funky, and balances out all the way until the end. The more you drink, the more the hops come through and tickle the tongue.


Overall, this has been one of the best ciders I’ve ever had (Katy said so as well). It’s so perfectly balanced and it’s not too dry. It’s simple and perfect. Thanks goodness Erin brought me 4 of these because I’m not ready for this to be my last sip of Mighty Hops.

Rating: 5/5

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