Ella by C Squared Ciders

About a year ago, I went to Denver with my cider bae, Kirsten, to visit my main babe, Ai-lien. (Read more about the trip here). Other than to see my dear friend, I wanted to do three things: dabble in the greenery, go see the mountains, and get some craft cider. The first stop on our Drink Across Denver tour was C Squared Ciders.

The space C Squared has is incredible. It’s a massive building called The Juicebox. The Juicebox houses The Rackhouse tasting room, C Squared’s production facility, and a facility for Bierstadt Lager. We walked up to the tasting room and got two flights to share between the three of us. At the time, they were showcasing only their Siren Series, and one of those Sirens was named Ella.


Cider: Ella (India Pale Cider)
Maker: C Squared Ciders
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Container: Bottle (500ml)
Tasted: at Home
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25
Availability: CO

C Squared describes this cider as “A medium-dry India Pale Cider. Ella and Azacca hops impart aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit that meld into green apple flavors with a clean, crisp, and mildly bitter finish.”


Please note, I purchased this cider in August 2016. It has moved from my old place to a storage unit to my new home. I placed it in the fridge 3 days before review.

When you first pop open the bottle, you get a light, tropical aroma followed by the smell of hops. The scent of hops isn’t overpowering like some IPA’s It’s light and pleasant. The pour is AWESOME. It’s very carbonated (which made me happy since I purchased this a year ago) and had a nice bit of head on the top which remained for a good amount of time. The color is a light, marigold color and the foam is a nice off-white.


There is a lingering tropical taste pioneered by the pineapple and the hops bounce in at the end. The blend of hops and tropical tastes come together in the back of the mouth and quickly melts into the tongue. It does dry you out a little, but that brings you to drink more.  The texture is very bubbly and thin.

Overall, this is one of the best hopped ciders I’ve had. It’s light, refreshing, and the hops don’t overpower the other flavors in the glass. At 6.5%, a glass of this will get you tipsy while porch drinking this summer.

Rating: 4.5/5

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