Hard Cider with Coffee (Batch 2) by Stem Ciders

I visited Stem Ciders in August 2016 while visiting my friend Ai-lien with my cider pal, Kirsten. We got a flight of every cider they had on the menu plus a cider slushie. Stem had a Lavender Cider on draft that woke me in a way that most people refer to as their sexual awakening. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking about that lavender cider for no particular reason.

I was very excited to have the Coffee cider from Stem since earlier that year I had a Coffee cider from Number 6 Cider in Seattle, Washington. My company only hired me two months before that trip but thats when it occurred to me the possibilities of ciders. When de did our flight, we also had Stem’s Coffee Cider which I remember asking my friends “can I finish that?”.


Please note that I purchased this a year ago at Stem’s Tasting Room. I shared a can with my coworkers a few months later and then one can went missing. The fact there is one can left and survived this long move is amazing. It has stayed in the fridge the entire time (first at my old home, then my parents, now at my new home) so that’s a small victory.

Cider: Coffee Apple Cider  (Batch 2 with Novo Coffee)
Maker: Stem Ciders
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Container: Can (poured into glass)
Tasted: at Home
ABV: 6.3%
Availability: CO, MO, IL

Stem describes this cider as “Crafted with Cold Brew coffee from Novo Roasters. Golden copper hues with smokey, roasted, tart apple notes. Malty with a nice tannin structure.”*


First, let me obsess over the can. I always thought Stem ad the best branding of any cidery I’ve been to. When you pop open the can you get a light whiff of the coffee. Even pouring it from the can to the glass the aroma builds.

The color is beautiful. After the bubbles disperse the cider has a nice, golden hue.

Now, it may be the combination of the cider sitting in the can for a year, but it is a little sour on the lips. The cider comes in dry over the tongue but the cider taste comes in right at the end. I’m very happy it’s not sweet, it’s a nice dry cider thats a bit tannic.


It’s silkier than most other ciders I’ve had, I do wish the coffee came through more (but that may also be the cider sitting in the can this past year). The warmer the cider got, the more the coffee came through and the tartness went down.

Overall, it’s not the best coffee cider I’ve had, but its so unique. You know you are drinking a coffee cider, there is no denying it. I would love more coffee taste. Again, this is Batch #2 made Summer 2016. I LOVE the collaboration between a cidery and a coffee company. I love when local companies comes together to create something great and support each other. Also, I am obsessed with good coffee.

*Current description online is for Method Coffee Roasters and has been edited to fit the Novo description found on other websites.

Rating: 3.5/5

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