Mighty Hops By Golden State Cider

Hello dear cider lovers, apologies for the late review I’ve been up in North Carolina for the Eclipse! That was an amazing experience, no photo or words can capture the beauty of totality. We took up the fixin’s for a cheeseboard and paired it with some Urban Tree. The entire Eclipse experience wont be eclipsed […]

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Ella by C Squared Ciders

About a year ago, I went to Denver with my cider bae, Kirsten, to visit my main babe, Ai-lien. (Read more about the trip here). Other than to see my dear friend, I wanted to do three things: dabble in the greenery, go see the mountains, and get some craft cider. The first stop on […]

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Gingergrass by Golden State Cider

I cheated a bit because I popped open a Gingergrass to share with my friend Katy before reviewing it…so this is the second time I’m drinking it. But this time, I’m taking a bit more care in analyzing Gingergrass. Cider: Gingergrass Maker: Golden State Cider Location: San Francisco, California, USA Container: Can (poured into glass) […]

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Mighty Dry by Golden State Cider

Welcome to my first review! My amazing friend, Erin, came through Atlanta and brought me 3 varieties of Golden State Cider from San Francisco. Thank goodness for Snapchat and me messaging back “OMG MAIL ME SOME!” She one-up’d and brought me three 4-packs!   Bare with me, as this is the first post. Let me […]

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