Cider. Isn’t. Beer. (an intro)

“Oh cider! Like beer? But with apples?”


I’ve heard this phrase hundreds of times at work, at festivals, even when I’m boppin’ from bar to bar talking about work. And every time I explain why cider is NOT like beer, I try very hard not to sound frustrated by something that is so simple to me. It was only a year and a half ago I was int he same boat, I thought Redd’s Apple Ale was a cider too.

So, I explain simply “You know how wine is made with grapes? Replace the grapes with apples and that is cider.”

What I hope with this site is to spread the knowledge of cider and how it is one of the best beverages to consume and is American as apple pie. I hope to find the best ciders and learn everything about the apples that make them. There is so much to learn and anything I learn, I’ll share.

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